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Clinton, Kaine hit the stage for the first time in Miami

Saturday, 2:33 PM

Hillary Clinton stepped onto the stage in Miami Saturday midday to introduce to the country a trusted friend as her new running mate: Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine.

Car chases and secret getaways: Tim Kaine's wild 78 hours

Saturday, 2:39 PM

Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine was spotted at the Newport Shipyard Friday night just minutes before his phone rang at 7:32 pm, and then he disappeared from view.

7 things you should know about Tim Kaine

Saturday, 1:25 PM

In choosing Tim Kaine as her running mate, Hillary Clinton has selected a no-frills politician widely seen as a "safe" choice.

Opinion: In picking Kaine, Clinton missed an opportunity

Saturday, 6:05 AM

Sally Kohn says a running mate from the party's progressive wing would have sent an important signal.

Pence and Kaine: VP opponents, US Marine dads

Saturday, 2:58 PM

Republican and Democratic vice presidential picks Indiana Gov. Mike Pence and Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine have at least one thing in common: They're both are proud parents of officers in the US Marine Corps.

Gaga, Kravitz, DJ Jazzy Jeff to headline DNC concert

Wednesday, 10:39 AM

Lady Gaga, Lenny Kravitz and DJ Jazzy Jeff are set to headline a concert at the BB&T Pavilion in Camden, New Jersey, next Thursday for Democratic convention delegates and invited guests, hours before Hillary Clinton is set to be formally nominated.

10 takeaways from Donald Trump's RNC

Friday, 2:24 AM

Donald Trump painted a picture of a dystopian America -- and sold himself as the only one who can fix it.

Opinion: What's fueling the Republican fury

Saturday, 5:08 AM

Donald Trump's demographic fear-mongering is part of a long tradition of using race in presidential politics, says historian Peniel Joseph.

Ohio undecided voters: Trump lacks specifics

Friday, 11:36 AM

After listening to Donald Trump's speech Thursday night, about half of a group of undecided Ohio voters said they are more likely to vote for the Republican nominee.

Famous tree from 'Shawshank Redemption' falls

Saturday, 8:53 AM

One of the most famous trees in cinematic history is gone. The white oak from the movie "The Shawshank Redemption" has fallen in Mansfield, Ohio.

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